C433 Camouflage

C433 Camouflage

Vintage Craftool

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This Camouflage Stamp is number C-433 and it is a genuine Vintage Craftool stamp. This Camouflage Stamp is a great example of why many serious leather stampers prefer these vintage tools. The crispness and precision of this hand ground tool is beautiful and it is a stamp you will be proud to own. The impressions of this tool are beautifully formed and measure 3/8" from corner to corner and 3/8" in height. These old tools do not come available very often, so don't miss your chance to add a great stamp to your collection. This tool still has many miles left in it.

Please note, we may have multiple copies of this item. There will be differences in each one. Those differences could include the placement of the number or name, condition of the chrome plating, wear patterns from the previous owner and other things that make each tool unique. The important part, the stamp impression, will be as close to the example as possible, allowing for the differences found in hand ground tools.