Thonging Chisel Set [USED]

Thonging Chisel Set [USED]


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Craftool Company was the best known of the old leather tool manufacturer in the USA. Their tools were hand ground and hand finished for decades by trained craftsmen. The factories where these were once made no longer exist. There is probably more leatherwork being done today with these older tools than any other brand available. There were many other tool makers creating similar tools during this era and companies like McMillen, Russell, Baron, Basic, Ken-Rich, Cal-Carve, Hackbarth and even C S Osborne were just a few of them.

Offered here is a set of thonging chisels made by Ken-Rich tools. The name Ken-Rich is most often associated with thonging chisels of which there are still a few that are in use today. They even made the chisels for the old Craftool Co. in Los Angeles for a time. This 3-piece set includes a 1/8" single prong chisel and 3/32" and 1/8" 4-prong chisels. Anyone planning on lacing a project they make from scratch would get a lot of use out of this set. They do not look like they have ever seen much use.

Ken Rich tools are no longer being made. Whether you are a collector of tools or are just in need a set of chisels, this will be a great one to add to your collection.