Decorative Cut Set

Decorative Cut Set

Craftool Co. USA

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Craftool Company was the oldest and best known leather stamping tool manufacturer in the USA. Their tools were hand ground and hand finished for decades by trained craftsmen. Over the years, the ownership of Craftool Co. changed and so did their location. Today, tools bearing the Craftool name are no longer made in the same manner that they once were. Though they are not hand ground in factories in the USA, there are some great patterns and designs being produced and they are still the most popular tools made. Some of these are innovations on old designs and some are new to leather workers.

This set of Decorative Cut Stamps includes tool numbers Z998, Z999L & Z999R which are genuine? Craftool Co. USA stamps. At least that is how they are marked. This set of stamps fails the "magnet" test, indicating that they are possibly cast from zinc or some other metal alloy. Whatever they are made of, they work well and appear to be in unused condition. The tools measure 13/16" in length. If this set is on your list to collect, here is a chance to pick up a set.