Sheridan Style Cross Patterns

Sheridan Style Cross Patterns

Kurt Gerhold

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No one can deny that Sheridan Style Carving has become one of the most popular and recognized carving styles among today's leather carvers. Once a style exclusive to a region of the northern Rocky Mountains, it is now copied by avid craftsmen around the world. For those building their library of Sheridan Style patterns, here is a pattern pack of Cross Patterns. This pack of designs was created by Kurt Gerhold and contains the tracing and tooling patterns for 6 Cross designs. These patterns would be great for Bible covers, notebooks, wall hangings and more. This pattern pack will be a great addition to any leather carver's collection.

Please note that all pages (excluding the cover) are in black & white. While some of the pages may appear faded and have a photocopy look to them, this is the same package of patterns as distributed by Kurt Gerhold himself. This is not a bound book, but rather a collection of pages in a resealable bag.