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Your source for the stamping tools and patterns used by the professional leather carver.
Stainless steel
Pro Modeling Tools
Complete set of five hand tools.
Swivel Knife Attachment
Back Beveler
Great for rounding edges. Available in three sizes.
Basic Stamping & Carving Set
Curated tools great for getting started in leathercraft.
Next Level Stamping & Modeling Set
Complementary tools to move beyond the basics.

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Very fast delivery, the stamps are great, prices reasonable to very good. What else could you want?

Tony Delicata

Fast shipping, and the quality is out of this world! This is where I'll be buying all of my leather tools from now on.

Rob Jones

Great tools at great prices! Any time I need a leather stamping tool I look here first!

Chip Arnett

Great source for vintage tools!! Just starting out and prefer the quality of the vintage tools!

Jason Labello

The customer service on this site is the best I have ever experienced at any online store.

Michael Seger