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I was born at Broadus, Montana when Mom and Dad were homesteading in the Biddle, Montana area.

When I was one year old we moved to Miles City, Montana. When I was three years old we moved to the Sheridan, Wyoming area where my folks were ranchers. I was raised on a ranch on Youngs Creek in the Decker, Montana area which is about 25 miles North of Sheridan.

I took up leathercrafiing in 4-H as a young boy. I made the first tools I had out of nails & bolts. My first swivel knife was a sharpened horseshoe nail. When we came to town I always headed for two of the saddle shops, Lloyd Davis Saddle Shop and the Otto F Ernst Saddle Shop to try to learn from the masters. My folks would let me take fresh cream, butter or eggs with me to trade for pieces of leather. Mr. Davis & Mr. Ernst were always tickled to get the goodies and I to get the leather.

In the early 1960's Ernie Ernst, Ernst Saddlery, gave me a chance to do some tooling for him and I tooled part time for them until they closed the store in the late 60's. I also did tooling for other shops in the area. Then I opened my own business on a part time basis. During this time I started making my own patterns and continue to do so. Once in awhile I found I wanted a tool that I could not buy, so I headed for the garage and the nail box and made my own.

My belts and billfolds have gone to all parts of the world. I made a belt for the Emperor of Japan to give to his son, a pair of belts went to Italy, and my most prized order was from John Wayne. I made a belt and billfold for him.

My hope is that you will enjoy [my products] and that I may be able to help you enjoy doing the Sheridan Style tooling.

Happy Tooling,

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Chan Geer