Sunflower Patterns

Sunflower Patterns

Jim Linnell

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The Sunflower is a beautiful pattern to carve on leather and these patterns have a very realistic look to them. Originally created for a class at an IFoLG Show over 15 years ago, Jim Linnell created the wallet pattern included in this pack. Since then, Jim has created a number of beautiful sunflower patterns for leather, some of which he has yet to carve.

This pack is a collection of those patterns. It has patterns for notebooks and journals, belt, a wallet, card cases, corner patterns and more. Several photocarve patterns are included along with many full color photos on a total of 10 pages.

This is not a bound book, but rather a collection of pages in a resealable bag.

This product is available as either a physical copy or a digital download. The physical copy will be shipped via USPS while the digital download will be a PDF file delivered online.