Sheridan Style Mantel Clock Patterns

Sheridan Style Mantel Clock Patterns

Chan Geer

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Here is another pattern pack from Al Stohlman Award winner, Chan Geer. Chan has put together 32 pages of patterns and ideas for mantle clocks carved in the Sheridan Style. Included you will find both tracing and carving patterns for 5 different clocks. If you have ever seen one of Chan's clocks, they are a true masterpiece. If you are a fan of this style of leather carving, this is a great pattern pack to help you hone your skills. The instructions say that the clock used is a Howard Miller model 635-100 or 636-101. Some of the clocks are a little different in size, so you may need to adjust the pattern a little.

Chan is a master when it comes to Sheridan Style Carving and he has spent his life in and around Sheridan, Wyoming where this style of carving was born.

Please note that all pages (excluding the cover) are in black & white. While some of the pages may appear faded and have a photocopy look to them, this is the same package of patterns as distributed by Chan Geer himself. This is not a bound book, but rather a collection of pages in a resealable bag.

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