Regional Carving Styles

Jim Linnell

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What are the different regional styles that have influenced Western Floral Carving and where did they come from? Many today are unaware of these regional influences. In this collection of patterns by Jim Linnell, you will be introduced with a brief history to Texas, Arizona, California, Northwest, Sheridan and Victorian Styles of leather carving. Included are patterns for the popular Ropers Wallet in each of the main regional styles and more. These regional styles have formed the foundation upon which the Western Floral Carving we have today was built. Includes 15 patterns on 27 pages.

This is not a bound book, but rather a collection of pages in a resealable bag.

This product is available as either a physical copy or a digital download. The physical copy will be shipped via USPS while the digital download will be a PDF file delivered online.