S-8 Teepee [USED]

S-8 Teepee [USED]

Vintage Craftool

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This used Native American Teepee stamp came from the very early years of Craftool Co. The tool is marked S-8 and is a genuine Craftool Co. stamp. Craftool made a special series of Native American symbol stamps and finding them is quite rare. This stamp was produced back when every Craftool was hand ground and is a great example of why many serious leather stampers prefer these vintage tools. The impression measures 7/16" in height and 9/32" in width. These old tools do not come available very often, so don't miss your chance to add a great tool to your collection. It still has many miles left in it.

Craftool Company was the oldest and best known leather stamping tool manufacturer in the USA. Their tools were hand ground and hand finished for decades by trained craftsmen. The older tools made prior to the early 1960's were marked with only a number. For a while after the letter prefix was added, the stamps continued to be marked Craftool Co. Later on they began marking them Craftool Co. USA and then Craftool USA. The factories where these were once made no longer exists and thus these older Craftools have become highly collectible, not just because they are no longer made, but because they work. In fact, there is probably more leatherwork being done today with these old tools than any other brand available.